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Philly Joy Bank: $1,000 Monthly Aid for Pregnant Women in High-Risk Neighborhoods

(photo: WHYY)

The Philly Joy Bank initiative in Philadelphia provides $1,000 monthly to pregnant individuals in high-risk neighborhoods.

Empowering Mothers Through Financial Support and Healthcare Services

Philadelphia’s Philly Joy Bank provides $1,000 monthly to pregnant individuals in high-risk neighborhoods like Cobbs Creek, Strawberry Mansion, and Nicetown-Tioga to address the city’s high infant mortality rate in communities of color.

The Philly Joy Bank initiative offers randomly selected participants 18 monthly payments totaling $18,000, along with services like lactation consultation and financial counseling. Nia Coaxum, the program manager, aims to empower participants and address health disparities for mothers and infants, according to the report of Axios Philadelphia.

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(photo: PhillyVoice)

Evaluating the Philly Joy Bank’s Role in Maternal and Infant Health Disparities

Critics say guaranteed income may create dependency and strain finances, while supporters argue it reduces poverty and boosts mobility. Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health will study the Philly Joy Bank’s impact on financial stability, postpartum stress, and family well-being, aiming to guide national policies on maternal and infant health disparities. The initiative aims to improve outcomes locally and potentially influence cities nationwide.

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