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Hamilton’s Old Hotel Gets Big Boost from Ohio Government

Hamilton’s Historic Hotel Revival: $6 Million Boost for Downtown Revitalization

Preserving the Past, Building for the Future: Marriott Tribute Hotel’s Modern Makeover

According to Bizjournals, The plan to turn an old hotel in Hamilton into a new boutique hotel just got a big boost. The government has given the project $6 million in special tax credits. This means the developer, Zeller Realty Group, can now move forward with the project and make the old hotel into a modern hotel with a mix of old and new features.

The Marriott Tribute Hotel has been an important part of Hamilton’s downtown area for almost 100 years. The new project will make sure the building is preserved and updated with modern amenities. The developer worked closely with people who cared about preserving history and city officials to make sure everything is done right.

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Hamilton’s Old Hotel Gets Big Boost from Ohio Government (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Hamilton’s Iconic Hotel to Rise Again: $6 Million Restoration Project Set for 2024 Completion

The $6 million in tax credits will help pwas for restoring the building’s outside and inside to its original condition. The project is expected to start soon, and it should be finished in 2024. When it’s done, the hotel will have 120 rooms, a rooftop bar, and a restaurant. It will be a unique place to visit in the heart of downtown Hamilton.

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