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$556 Million Boost: New Jersey’s StayNJ Tax Credit Program Set to Launch in 2026 Despite Falling Short of Benchmarks

StayNJ Tax Credit Gains $220 Million in 2025 NJ Budget Despite Missing Benchmarks

2025 NJ Budget Boosts StayNJ Tax Credit Program Funding to $300 Million for Senior Tax Relief

In a surprising turn of events, the StayNJ tax credit program that is designed to keep seniors from leaving New Jersey is set to receive an additional $220 million in funding as part of the 2025 state budget. This comes despite the StayNJ tax credit program not meeting the benchmarks set last year and not going into effect until 2026. According to Bergen Record, the StayNJ tax credit program was a controversial addition to the fiscal year 2024 budget that was aimed at helping seniors by offering significant tax credits. The StayNJ tax credit program includes strict conditions: full payments for education and the pension system and maintaining a state budget surplus of at least 12%. However, the new 2025 budget plan which spends $56.6 billion and has a surplus between 10% and 11% falls short of this requirement.

The state’s Treasury Department confirmed that the new budget bill overrides the original program conditions which allow funding to proceed regardless of the missed benchmarks. State Sen. Paul Sarlo who is the chair of the Senate Budget Committee has initially claimed the new budget met the 12% surplus requirement but later corrected himself and noted the actual surplus was slightly lower. The 2025 budget plan has passed both legislative chamber committees and is scheduled for a vote on Friday in spite of these differences. It will reach the governor’s desk by Sunday evening for signature if it is accepted. The StayNJ tax credit program which is anticipated to begin in 2026 and cost roughly $1.3 billion is allocated roughly $300 million in this budget plan. Ninety percent of program recipients are projected to make less than $200,000. The program supports seniors with incomes up to $500,000.

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$556 Million Boost: New Jersey’s StayNJ Tax Credit Program Set to Launch in 2026 Despite Falling Short of Benchmarks (PHOTO:

Significant Shift in Senior Tax Relief with StayNJ Funding Boost

Furthermore, lawmakers maintain their optimism over the program’s effect on New Jersey‘s elderly population despite modifications to the financial standards. One important step toward reducing seniors’ financial load and making the state more affordable for retirement is the StayNJ campaign. All eyes are on the legislature and the governor to see if this ambitious funding plan will indeed be implemented as the budget bill heads for final approval and marking a significant shift in New Jersey’s approach to senior tax relief. Stay tuned for updates as the NJ state budget developments unfold.

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