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$2 Million Settlement: Wahlburgers Pickle Lovers Could Get Up to $12 Back

(photo: The Business Journals)

Consumers who bought Wahlburgers pickles between 2021-2023 may be eligible for up to $12 in cash compensation as part of a $2 million settlement due to claims that the pickles were not “all-natural” as labeled.

Wahlburgers Pickle Lovers Could Be Eligible for Cash Payment

In a surprise twist, consumers who purchased Wahlburgers pickles could be in line for a cash payment due to a class action lawsuit. The company has agreed to settle a lawsuit claiming that their pickles were not as “all-natural” as they claimed, despite labeling them as such. According to the suit, the pickles actually contained sodium benzoate a preservative. While Wahlburgers denied any wrong doing and they agreed to a $2 million settlement to resolve the claims, according to the report of The US Sun.

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Claim Your Share of the $2 Million Settlement

Consumers who purchased Wahlburgers pickles between April 1, 2021, and March 31, 2023 can claim up to $12 by submitting their claim online. You don’t need proof of purchase, but if you have receipts, you can get fully reimbursed for your purchases with no limit. The pickles are sold for $5.88 at Walmart so this could be a sweet deal for pickle lovers.

The Wahlburger Restaurant That Shut Down

This settlement comes after one of Wahlburgers restaurants shut down in December. Fans lined up at the location in Ross Township, Pennsylvania, to get one last meal before the shop closed its doors for good. The crowd was so large that the store had to close earlier than expected. Meanwhile, another settlement has been reached in a discrimination lawsuit against Discover Bank with clients eligible for up to $2,500 in compensation. And don’t forget to check out the latest rebate offer from Discover Bank where Americans can claim up to $1,500.

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