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Budget Breakdown: California’s Immigrant Community Wins and Loses in New Funding Plan

California’s Immigrant Community: A Mixed Bag of News in the New Budget Plan

Support for Immigrants in California: What’s In, What’s Out, and What’s Delayed in the Latest Budget Proposal

According to Latimes, California‘s new budget plan has some good news and some bad news for immigrants. Some programs that help immigrants will keep getting funded, but others will be delayed or cut.

The plan will continue to provide free legal help to immigrant students, staff, and faculty at California State University. It will also keep providing support for elderly, blind, and disabled undocumented immigrants who need help with daily tasks and medical care.

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Budget Breakdown: California’s Immigrant Community Wins and Loses in New Funding Plan (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

California Budget Plan Falls Short: Immigrant Advocates Express Concerns Over Delayed Food Assistance and Lost Support for Children

However, the plan delays a program that would have given food assistance to low-income undocumented seniors by two years. This means that over 100,000 people will still struggle to get the food they need until 2027. Additionally, a program that helps unaccompanied immigrant children with legal and social services will no longer be funded. This program has been helping hundreds of children get the help they need to navigate the immigration system.

Immigrant advocates are disappointed and worried about the delayed food assistance and the loss of the child program. They hope that future budget plans will prioritize immigrant needs and provide more support for their well-being.

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