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Thirteen GOP-Led States Opt Out of SUN Bucks, Leaving Millions of Children Hungry

(photo; Common Dreams)

Thirteen GOP-led states have opted out of the SUN Bucks summer program, impacting low-income children reliant on school meals.

GOP-Led States Opt Out of SUN Bucks, Leaving Low-Income Children Hungry

Thirteen Republican-led states have opted out of the SUN Bucks program this summer impacting millions of low-income children across the country who rely on school meals. Despite efforts to combat food insecurity and these states have chosen to rely on existing programs or delay participation due to logistical challenges and budget constraints, according to the report of Business Insider.

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(photo: Business Insider)

States’ Varied Responses to Federal Child Food Insecurity Initiative

Alabama, facing significant child food insecurity initially lacked funding but has committed $10 million for next year. Alaska cited administrative backlog as reason for postponing involvement. Florida and Georgia cited existing programs as sufficient. Idaho and Iowa expressed philosophical concerns and prioritized state-led initiatives. Mississippi lacked resources, Oklahoma awaited more information, South Carolina aimed to return to normalcy, South Dakota resisted federal oversigh Texas faced timing issues and Wyoming emphasized state autonomy.

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