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$12 Million California Budget for Black Reparations Amid $47 Billion Deficit – Check It Now!

(photo: CalMatters)

California’s latest budget includes $12 million for black reparations.

California Budget Includes $12 Million for Black Reparations Amid Fiscal Challenges

Governor Gavin Newsom and Democratic leaders have earmarked $12 million in taxpayer funds for race reparations for black residents in their latest budget agreement. This funding supports proposed programs like subsidized property taxes and preferences for black applicants seeking state licenses aimed at addressing historical injustices. They also plan to create a new state agency and the California American Freedman Affairs Agency to manage future reparations. Despite a $47 billion budget deficit and Democrats have included reparations in their fiscal plan for the upcoming year, according to the report of Free Beacon.

The budget allocation has been praised by black legislators such as Assemblywoman Lori Wilson (D.) who commend the acknowledgment of obligations to those impacted by slavery. The legislature is considering 15 bills related to reparations including controversial measures like property tax subsidies and preferential licensing. Legal experts have raised concerns about these proposals potentially conflicting with equal treatment laws. The legislative package also proposes banning prison labor and setting aside budget reserves indefinitely for future reparations. Despite past opposition, Democrats remain committed to addressing historical injustices reflected in the significant increase in the state budget.

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(photo: AP News)

Governor Newsom and Democratic Lawmakers Pursue Reparations Efforts in California Despite Challenges

Governor Newsom and Democratic lawmakers initiated discussions on reparations in 2020 with the creation of a commission to research and propose policies. Initial recommendations for direct payments faced resistance and did not gain widespread support. Nevertheless, ongoing legislative efforts show a persistent dedication to tackling systemic inequalities and supporting descendants of enslaved Californians.

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