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Housing Crisis and AI Headaches: Two Pressing Issues Facing the US and Tech Giants

Renter’s Crisis: Over 12 Million Households Spend More Than Half of Their Income on Rent and Utilities

Government Efforts to Address Housing Crisis: How the Administration is Working to Make Homes More Affordable

According to EditionCNN, The housing market is a big problem in the United States. It’s not just homeowners who are struggling – renters are also having a hard time. A recent report found that many homeowners are spending too much money on their homes. For renters, the situation is even worse. They are paying more and more money for rent and utilities.

The government is trying to help. Lael Brainard, who is in charge of the National Economic Council, is asking Congress to take action. She wants to make it easier for people to afford homes and reduce the cost of housing. The government is also working to make sure that people have access to affordable homes by making changes at the state and local levels.

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Housing Crisis and AI Headaches: Two Pressing Issues Facing the US and Tech Giants (PHOTO: Google)

Apple’s AI Ambitions Foiled: China’s Strict Regulations Block Rollout of ChatGPT in iPhones

Apple is also facing a challenge. The company wants to use a new technology called ChatGPT in its iPhones, but China won’t let them. This is because China has rules about using artificial intelligence, and Apple’s technology doesn’t meet those rules. Apple is trying to catch up with other tech companies that have already used AI in their services.

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