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279,000+ Individuals Impacted by CGM Data Breach: $1.5M Settlement Offers Compensation and Protection!

CGM Reaches $1.5 Million Settlement Over 2022 Data Breach, Affecting Over 279,000 Individuals

Settlement Provides Compensation for Breach Victims, Highlights Importance of Strong Cybersecurity Measures

(According to The U.S. Sun), in a significant legal development CGM a telecommunications company based in Georgia has agreed to a $1.5 million settlement to resolve a class action lawsuit stemming from a data breach affecting more than 279,000 individuals. The breach occurred over two weeks in December 2022 and compromised sensitive personal information including names driver’s license numbers state identification numbers and social security numbers of plaintiffs and other members of the affected class. The lawsuit alleged that CGM failed to implement adequate cybersecurity measures and did not promptly notify victims about the breach resulting in widespread harm and financial losses for those impacted.

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(PHOTO: The US Sun)

Settlement Offers Up to $4,400 in Compensation and 3 Years of Identity Protection for Data Breach Victims

As part of the settlement agreement individuals affected by the data breach have the opportunity to seek compensation. This includes a one-time payment that could reach up to $4,400 intended to cover documented losses such as ordinary expenses incurred as a result of the breach and up to four hours of lost time. Additionally all victims will receive three years of credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to safeguard against potential misuse of their personal information. It is crucial for claimants to take prompt action they have until June 27 to either object to the settlement terms or opt out of receiving compensation preserving their right to pursue further legal action independently. Claim forms must be submitted by August 26, 2024 ahead of a final approval hearing to finalize the settlement terms.

The CGM data breach settlement highlights the ongoing cybersecurity challenges in today’s digital landscape. It stresses the importance of robust data protection measures by companies and timely communication with individuals affected by security breaches. The settlement provides affected individuals an opportunity for compensation and continued protection against identity theft and fraud. This underscores the necessity for proactive efforts to safeguard personal information and underscores companies’ duty to uphold rigorous cybersecurity standards.

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