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$1,000 a Month for Low-Income Mothers: Marin County’s Game-Changing Guaranteed Basic Income Program – Eligibility Requirements and Success Stories

Marin County‘s MOMentum Guaranteed Basic Income Program Provides $1,000 a Month to Low-Income Mothers

How $1,000 a Month Transformed the Lives of Low-Income Mothers Through Marin County‘s Guaranteed Basic Income Program

a resident of Marin County, California named Claudia Muralles was struggling to make ends meet. She often had to decide which bills to pay each month whether it was car payments, gas or utilities. However, her life changed two years ago when she started receiving $1,000 a month through MOMentum called a guaranteed basic income (GBI) pilot program. The guaranteed basic income program that is managed by a a national nonprofit named UpTogether specifically supports low-income mothers of color, according to the report of Business Insider. Muralles said the monthly payments allowed her to pay her bills and feel more financially secure. She was able to finish her undergraduate degree and now she feels “unstoppable” and optimistic about her future career all because of the support given to her.

MOMentum selected 125 mothers with children under 18 to receive cash for two years that was launched in 2021. The participants’ average annual income was around $29,000 which is close to the federal poverty line for a family of four. A third-year extension provided an additional $7,500 to each family with the final payment in June 2023. The guaranteed basic income program that was funded by a $3 million initiative from the Marin Community Foundation and UpTogether showed significant positive results. Housing stability for participants improved by 15 percentage points and nearly a quarter of the mothers moved into better housing. Over three-quarters managed their debt better, had enough food for their families and spent more time with their children. Two-thirds worked the same or more hours during the guaranteed basic income program. Marin County which is one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S. also has significant racial disparities. The median income for a family of four in Marin is about $186,600 while the average home value is over $1.5 million. This disparity makes programs like MOMentum crucial for low-income families.

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 $1,000 a Month for Low-Income Mothers: Marin County’s Game-Changing Guaranteed Basic Income Program – Eligibility Requirements and Success Stories (PHOTO: Yahoo News Canada)

Marin County‘s MOMentum Guaranteed Basic Income Program Proves the Impact of Basic Income on Financial Stress, Health, and Education

Furthermore, the basic income helped participants pay down debt, save for the future and pursue education or job training. Nearly half of the mothers enrolled in educational programs and many reported less stress about unexpected expenses. Health outcomes improved as financial stress decreased and many could afford more nutritious food for their families. Guaranteed basic income program like MOMentum are becoming more popular as they allow families flexible spending compared to traditional safety nets. UpTogether CEO Jesús Gerena emphasized that the guaranteed basic income program‘s success shows the benefits of trusting mothers to make the best decisions for their families.

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