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Retreaded Truck Tire Jobs Act – Learn How This Act Aims to Lower Tire Costs & Create Jobs

(photo: Tire Review Magazine)

The Retreaded Truck Tire Jobs Act aims to lower consumer tire costs through tax credits for retreaded tires, supporting U.S. manufacturing jobs and sustainability in the tire industry.

Boosting U.S. Manufacturing and Jobs in the Tire Industry

U.S. Representatives Darin LaHood (R-IL) and Emilia Sykes (D-OH) have introduced the Retreaded Truck Tire Jobs, Supply Chain Security and Sustainability Act. This bipartisan legislation aims to lower tire costs for consumers by offering tax credits for purchasing retreaded tires. It’s designed to boost domestic manufacturing creates jobs and address inflation concerns, according to the report of Rubber World.

The retread industry, according to a 2023 report from U.S. Tires, is America’s largest manufacturing sector, employing over 51,000 workers and supporting more than 268,000 jobs in the broader tire industry. Despite its size, the number of U.S. retreading facilities has declined sharply. This legislation aims to counter this trend promoting American-made tires and safeguarding manufacturing jobs.

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(photo: The Box Truck Lady)

Promoting Sustainability and Economic Growth in U.S. Manufacturing

Congresswoman Sykes emphasized that the bill will benefit consumers financially while supporting environmental sustainability. Highlighting Ohio’s historical ties to tire production, she stressed the legislation’s role in protecting domestic manufacturing jobs.

Industry leaders like Paolo Ferrari from Bridgestone Americas support the bill, citing its potential to create local jobs reduce costs for consumers, save energy, and decrease reliance on imported tires. They see it as a step towards strengthening America’s manufacturing sector and promoting economic and environmental benefits.

Overall, the Retreaded Truck Tire Jobs, Supply Chain Security and Sustainability Act represents a bipartisan effort to boost domestic manufacturing, create jobs, and enhance economic resilience while promoting sustainability in the tire industry.

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