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IRS Monthly Payments to Children Starting July 2024: Debunking False Claims

(photo: Hindustan Times)

The viral claim that the IRS will provide monthly payments to children starting July 2024.

IRS Will Give $300 to Children Under 6 Monthly Starting in July

A Facebook post from June 9 falsely claims the IRS will begin giving $300 per month to children under six starting July 2024. It suggests children aged six to seventeen will get $250 monthly. The post gained traction with nearly 100 shares in a week with similar claims spreading on Facebook and other platforms.

The claim about IRS monthly payments to children from July 2024 is incorrect. It confuses a previous program under the American Rescue Plan, which provided advance child tax credit payments to parents from July to December 2021 not directly to children.

No New Programs Announced for 2024

Experts confirm no such programs are planned for July 2024. Lisa Greene-Lewis from TurboTax clarified that the 2021 payments were part of expired COVID relief measures, offering up to $300 monthly for under-six and $250 for six-to-seventeen-year-olds issued to parents, according to the report of USA Today.

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(photo: The National Interest)

Legislative and Budget Context

No new legislation is in place for 2024 to implement a similar program. President Biden’s 2025 budget proposal includes reinstating the 2021 child tax credit but faces challenges in the Republican-controlled House.

IRS Website and Credibility

A search of the IRS website found no evidence supporting the claim. The website cited in the post’s screenshot links to an unreliable domain based in India,casting doubt on its credibility.

The viral claim of IRS monthly payments to children starting July 2024 is false. It misrepresents an expired 2021 program, and there are no plans or legislation for such payments in 2024. Taxpayers can still claim up to $2,000 per child through existing tax credits but no new programs matching the claim exist.

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