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Beware of Food Stamp Fraud: Protect Your Benefits with These Simple Tips

Protect Your Food Stamps: How to Report and Replace a Stolen Card in Kentucky

Fight Food Stamp Fraud: Tips to Keep Your Benefits Safe from Scammers

According to the Courier-Journal, Food stamps are being stolen from low-income families in Kentucky. Scammers have taken almost $2.3 million from over 4,900 people since August. The government is warning people to be careful and take steps to keep their food stamps safe.

If someone steals your food stamp card, you can report it to the government. You need to tell them about it within 30 days and fill out a special form. The government will then give you a new card. You can also report the theft in person at a local office or find out about food banks in your area.

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Beware of Food Stamp Fraud: Protect Your Benefits with These Simple Tips (PHOTO: YT)

Staying Safe: How to Protect Your Food Stamps from Scammers and Fraud

* Change your card’s secret number (PIN) often
* Use an app that lets you freeze and unfreeze your card when you make purchases
* Check the machines where you swipe your card to make sure they’re not fake

The government wants people to know about these tips and how to keep their food stamps safe. They are working hard to stop scammers from stealing food stamps and want people to be more careful with their benefits.

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