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25% Price Hike: Save on Groceries with a $125-$130 Monthly Budget Per American – What You Need to Know!

Tips for Monthly Budget With $125-$130 Per American

Rising Grocery Prices: How to Manage a $550 Monthly Budget with $125-$130 Per American

According to Time Magazine, due to a price hike in grocery many Americans are finding it difficult to stick to their monthly budget when they shop. Despite her astute purchasing abilities Los Angeles mother of two and authority on thrifty living Gina Zakaria is having financial difficulties. The impact of prices rising 25% from pre-pandemic levels is being felt by a large number of Americans. A study conducted by Qualtrics and Intuit Credit Karma found that 80% of Americans have seen an increase in prices with more than 25% of them occasionally skipping meals as a result. According to Ronald Hill of American University’s Kogod School of Business the pandemic significantly disrupted supply chains and resulted in a labor shortage which raised prices. Grain and petroleum supply have been impacted by global conflicts as well. The average American spends about $550 a month on groceries though families with children tend to spend much more. Hill notes that once prices go up they rarely come down.

However recent data shows that grocery prices have stabilized since January and major retailers like Walmart and Target are starting to lower prices on many items. Gina Zakaria suggests aiming for a grocery monthly budget of $125 to $130 per American a notable increase from her previous $100 recommendation. To stick to a monthly budget experts recommend starting by checking your pantry and planning your meals around what you already have. Theresa Gentile from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics advises using the “first in, first out” rule to minimize waste. Having a game plan can also help. Chef and content creator Will Coleman suggests his 6 to 1 method: six veggies, five fruits, four proteins, three starches, two sauces and one fun item per shopping trip. He also advises avoiding processed foods and focusing on in-season items that can be used in multiple meals. Shopping habits can also make a difference. Zakaria recommends shopping in the middle of the week around the middle of a sale cycle to avoid crowds and get the best deals. Shopping once a week is generally better than stretching trips out as it reduces impulse buys.

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25% Price Hike: Save on Groceries with a $125-$130 Monthly Budget Per American – What You Need to Know! (PHOTO: CNBC)

Bulk Buying Tips and SNAP Benefits Explained

Furthermore, buying in bulk can save money but always check the unit price to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Gentile suggests stocking up on pantry staples like canned foods, lentils, beans, rice, pasta and potatoes and using your freezer to reduce waste. For those in need SNAP benefits provide assistance though eligibility requirements can be strict. Understanding these programs and how to make the most of your grocery monthly budget can help manage costs in these challenging times.

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