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Debt Relief for Illinois: New Program Aims to Erase Medical Debt for 300,000+ Residents

llinois New Program Aims to Forgive Medical Debt for Over 300,000 Residents

New Program Aims to Ease Burden of Medical Bills for Low-Income Families

According to WashingTonExaminer, A new program in Illinois is trying to help people who owe a lot of money for medical bills. This program, sponsored by Senator Mike Simmons, wants to forgive debts for over 300,000 people who can’t afford to pay their medical bills. The program will use $10 million to pay off up to $1 billion in debts.

The program helps people who earn less than 400% of the poverty level or those who owe more than 5% of their income on medical bills. Medical debt can make it hard for people to see doctors and take care of their health. Senator Simmons says that people are too afraid to go to the doctor because they can’t pay their bills.

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Debt Relief for Illinois: New Program Aims to Erase Medical Debt for 300,000+ Residents (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

New Illinois Medical Debt Forgiveness Program Sparks Debate: Will it Help or Hurt?

Some people in the government think this program is a good idea, but others are worried about how much it will cost. They also wonder if the program will only help people who aren’t citizens of the United States. The governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, thinks that medical debt is a big problem and hopes the program will help people who are struggling. If the program gets approved, it could help many people in Illinois who are struggling with medical debt.

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