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Win’s $1,400 Monthly Aid vs. Project 802’s $500 Initiative – Pomona, California Joins with $500 Monthly Support for Families with Children Under Three

(photo: Daily Bulletin)

Several cities are launching universal basic income programs targeting families with young children.

Universal Basic Income Programs: Win’s $1,400 Monthly Aid vs. Project 802’s $500 Initiative

In New York City, the nonprofit Win is pioneering a universal basic income program targeting families in shelters. They’re offering $1,400 monthly for two years to 100 families in Central Brooklyn with children under two, providing $17,000 annually per family without spending restrictions. Win’s CEO, Christine Quinn emphasized the program’s empowerment backed by Vanderbilt University’s study on its impact aiming to reshape support strategies for homeless families.

In Evanston, Illinois, Project 802 is distributing $500 monthly to 150 households, totaling $900,000 in funding. The initiative targets a small area with high poverty, requiring applicants to have children under five and meet income criteria. This effort underscores the community’s commitment to alleviating local economic challenges through direct financial aid with applications open until June 26, according to the report of The US Sun.

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(photo: KTLA)

Pomona, California’s $500 Monthly Initiative Supports Families with Children Under Three

Pomona, California, is implementing a similar initiative offering $500 monthly for 18 months to 250 families. Participants can earn extra through surveys, part of a study by UCLA evaluating the program’s impact. Eligibility focuses on families with children under three and incomes below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level. These programs aim to support vulnerable populations through financial aid and academic research, contributing to evidence-based policy development nationwide.

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