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Transforming Federal Student Loan Repayment: SAVE Plan Offers Up to $473 Monthly Savings and 10-Year Forgiveness for Borrowers with $12,000 or Less in Loans


Introducing the SAVE Plan

Affordable Federal Student Loan Repayment with Significant Payment Reductions

Starting in July, the new federal student loan repayment plan, the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) plan aims to significantly reduce payments for borrowers. Introduced by President Biden in 2023, it replaces the REPAYE plan, calculating payments based on income and offering loan forgiveness after 20 to 25 years. The SAVE plan distinguishes itself by exempting more income from payment calculations, allowing for lower payments. For instance, someone earning $45,000 annually could see their payments decrease from $228 to $101according to the report of Go Banking Rates.

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Significant Student Loan Payment Reductions Extend to Higher Earners, with Forgiveness Options in 10 Years for Some Borrowers

Even higher earners like those making $125,000 annually can benefit saving $473 monthly ($380 instead of $853) under the old REPAYE plan. Borrowers with $12,000 or less in federal student loans could qualify for forgiveness in just 10 years under the SAVE plan with payments from other repayment plans counting towards its requirements.

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