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Stolen Food Money in New Jersey

New Jersey SNAP Benefits: A Growing Concern

New Jersey Food Stamps: A Guide to Protecting Your Benefits

According to CBSNews, Many Americans inNew Jersey are having their food money stolen. This is a big problem. The Americans who are in charge of helping Americans with food money say that thieves are targeting Americans who get this money at the beginning of the month.

Dacha Fletcher is a mom from Trenton. Her food money was stolen and used to buy things in a different state. She was very worried and had to ask for help from her family. She had to wait 10 days before she got her food money back.

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Stolen Food Money in New Jersey (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Protect Your Plate: New Jersey’s Efforts to Combat Food Stolen Benefits

The government is trying to fix this problem. They are working on a plan to make sure that Americans’ food money is safe. They are also warning Americans about the problem on their website. If you think someone has stolen your food money, you should tell the government right away.

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