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$18M Annually: 140 DEI Employees Drive 222 Projects at Michigan State University – What to Know!

Michigan State University‘s $18M Annual Investment

$18M Funding, 140 Employees, 222 Projects

Michigan State University (MSU) is spending over $18 million annually on employees dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, according to a recent study by The College Fix. The Michigan State University has hired more than 140 employees working on 222 different DEI projects. Michigan State University‘s most recent report shows that 22 projects have been implemented with the remaining 200 still in progress or under analysis. Moreover, according to The Center Square, these initiatives are part of MSU’s broader “MSU 2030 DEI pillar” program which aims to make the university a national leader in promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and eliminating disparities on campus and beyond. The program has five main goals. Recruiting and retaining more diverse students, hiring more minorities and activists, integrating DEI into teaching and establishing partnerships with underrepresented communities.

One prominent example of these endeavors from the last year is the release of $339,000 in funds by the Michigan State University Office for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. This money funded 32 projects including creating an inclusive work environment for the MSU-Hurley Children’s Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative supporting the Middle Eastern and North African American community developing a student wellbeing activator network and enhancing DEI curricular growth focusing on sexual and gender minority health. Speaking for Michigan State University Mark Bullion said that even with the large investment DEI receives no special funding. He underlined that DEI administrators comprise a relatively small portion of the university’s workforce with approximately 12,000 employees. Director of the Diversity Research Network Deborah Johnson makes $204,471 a year while Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Jabbar Bennett made $363,511 this year before perks. Michigan State University‘s efforts in DEI are not unique. With 241 employees devoted to DEI the University of Michigan pays out an estimated $30 million in wages each year. Of these employees, thirteen make more than $200,000.

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$18M Annually: 140 DEI Employees Drive 222 Projects at Michigan State University – What to Know! (PHOTO: X)

MSU‘s DEI Spending Sparks Taxpayer Concern Amid Affirmative Action Debate

Furthermore, James Hohman from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy expressed concern over the significant taxpayer funding going to public universities without clear returns. He suggested that lawmakers need to reassess the amount of money given to state universities to ensure taxpayers are receiving good value for their investments. MSU‘s DEI efforts reflect broader affirmative action policies which have been controversial. The Supreme Court case Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard University brought attention to these policies last summer. Despite the controversy MSU remains committed to its DEI goals believing they align with their mission to expand educational access for all.

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