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Unclaimed Property in Oregon is Disbursing $10M Through Checks Without Claims Program

Unclaimed Property in Oregon is Disbursing $10M Through Checks Without Claims Program (Photo from iHeart)

In a surprising turn of events, Central Oregon Daily News reported about the initiative on the unclaimed property in Oregon. The Treasury is set to disburse $10 million in unclaimed property in Oregon through its innovative “Checks Without Claims” program. This initiative seeks to rectify overlooked assets such as uncashed checks, dormant bank accounts, and forgotten tax refunds. The life-sized statue in this tale is the unclaimed funds that, like a hidden treasure, awaits rediscovery.

Unclaimed Property in Oregon is Disbursing $10M Through Checks Without Claims Program (Photo from NewsBreak)

Unclaimed Property in Oregon: Proactive Approach to Financial Well-being

The program takes a proactive stance, dispatching checks ranging from $50 to $10,000 to verified owners identified through Oregon’s Unclaimed Property Program reports from 2021 and 2022. Treasurer Tobias Read emphasizes the commitment to citizens’ financial well-being by not only safeguarding but promptly returning these forgotten assets.

Recipients are not confined to Oregon’s borders; the program’s reach extends nationally. In 2023, 18,000 individuals from 48 states received checks, transforming the life-sized statue of unclaimed funds into tangible relief for people across the country.

Upon receiving their unexpected windfall, beneficiaries will find solace not just in the checks but also in a personal touch – a confirmation letter from Treasurer Tobias Read, humanizing the process and bringing a sense of connection to the state’s citizens.

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The Monument of Unclaimed Property in Oregon

Oregon’s monumental effort is fueled by an astounding $1 billion in unclaimed funds, a life-sized statue representing the collective neglect of financial assets. Those suspecting they may have unclaimed funds can embark on their own treasure hunt by visiting

For those seeking more information or assistance, Oregon’s Unclaimed Property Program stands ready to guide, with queries directed to [email protected] or via phone at 503-378-4000. The life-sized statue of unclaimed wealth, once a mere figure in the background, now takes center stage, inviting individuals to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

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