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Montana’s $2,500 Stimulus Blitz: Direct Payments Rolling Out in the Next Three Days

Stimulus update: Direct payment worth $2,500 from Montana rebate being sent over next three days (Photo: google)

In the next three days, the Montana Department of Revenue aims to complete the distribution of an income tax rebate, providing eligible taxpayers with up to $2,500.

Stimulus update: Direct payment worth $2,500 from Montana rebate is being sent over the next three days (Photo: Google)

Refund on the Way

The Montana Department of Revenue is paying refunds based on 2021 individual and couple tax returns. Distribution began in July and should finish on December 31.

The rebates are part of an income tax refund effort and can reach $2,500 for married joint filers and $1,250 for solo filers.

The refund amount is the smaller of the taxpayer’s filing status maximum or line 20 of their Montana 2021 income tax form. Montana taxpayers must have lived in the state for the entire 2021 tax year, filed 2020 and 2021 tax returns on time, not been claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax forms, and have a figure greater than zero on line 20 of their Montana 2021 income tax form to receive the rebate.

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Montana’s Rebate Program Offers Financial Relief

The system automatically issues checks to qualified taxpayers without documentation. Governor Greg Gianforte stressed that the rebates will refund Montana’s unpaid taxes. He said, “We’re refunding Montanans’ unpaid taxes. I’m excited to return this money to Montanans.”

The rebate program benefits Montana citizens who fulfill eligibility requirements by providing financial relief and returning surplus taxes.

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