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Biden Signs Executive Order Granting Federal Workers Largest Pay Raise in Decades

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President Joe Biden has issued an executive order resulting in the most significant salary increase for federal government employees since Jimmy Carter’s administration, marking a 5.2% average pay hike in 2024.

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Biden’s Executive Order

Biden’s executive order signifies a substantial raise for federal employees, culminating in a 5.2% average increase, the highest boost since Carter’s 9.1% salary raise for federal workers in 1980.

The announcement of the pay raise for federal government employees comes amidst public criticism over escalating inflation attributed to increased government spending, as reported by The Daily Caller.

A recent CBS News and YouGov poll revealed that a majority of Americans, around 76%, feel their incomes are lagging behind the current inflation rate, with 56% attributing inflation to amplified government spending.

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Implications and Reactions

Federal government employees nationwide are set to receive a 4.7% pay raise, with an additional average 0.5% increase based on their work location, detailed in a salary table by the United States Office of Personnel Management. Employees in the San Francisco region will benefit from an added 0.9% pay increase.

Union leaders, such as National Treasury Employees Union President Doreen Greenwald, praised the raise, highlighting its significance in addressing the shortfall between federal salaries and those in the private sector.

Alongside the 5.2% pay raise for federal workers, military personnel are also slated to receive an equivalent raise in 2024 under the National Defense Authorization Act. The initiative aims to attract and retain highly qualified talent within the federal workforce.

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