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Oregonians Rush to Claim Record $5.61 Billion Tax Credit – How to Secure Your Share Quickly

tax credit
Oregonians can expect their portion of the state's staggering $5.61 billion kicker tax credit. (Photo: Central Oregon Daily)
tax credit

Oregonians are anticipating their portion of the state’s staggering $5.61 billion kicker tax credit. (Photo: KGW)

Oregonians on Alert: Top Tips for Speedy Oregon Kicker Tax Credit Filing

As the year winds down, Oregonians are eagerly anticipating their portion of the state’s staggering $5.61 billion kicker tax credit. The Oregon Department of Revenue has outlined crucial steps to ensure a swift and efficient claiming process for this substantial tax benefit.

Firstly, individuals must confirm the submission of their 2022 tax returns, as the amount disbursed will be based on their 2022 tax liability. The state emphasizes the necessity of this return to calculate the kicker accurately. While most taxpayers have already completed this step, those who haven’t filed electronically can opt for paper forms or await the reopening of electronic filing in late January.

Taxpayers are advised by the government to carefully arrange their tax records in advance of the 2023 tax filing season. In addition to using direct deposit for quicker refunds, this entails assembling a variety of documents, including W-2s, 1099s, and other income statements. A trustworthy tax return preparer who guarantees the veracity and correctness of the information supplied is also advised.

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To streamline the process further, taxpayers are encouraged to leverage digital resources such as the Revenue Online tax portal to verify their information and utilize helpful tools such as the “Whats MyKicker” calculator. Furthermore, taxpayers can access 1099-G forms and confirm estimated tax payments made.

For individuals in need of assistance, free help with filing a return is available, and they can obtain tax forms, check refund status, or make payments at Contact can also be made via phone (503-378-4988 or 800-356-4222) or email ([email protected]).

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