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Guaranteed Income Program Expands in Paterson, New Jersey, Offering $400 Monthly Support


Paterson Guaranteed Income Program Expands, Providing Vital Support to Residents

The Paterson guaranteed income program in New Jersey, part of the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income initiative, offers eligible participants $400 in monthly cash support. (Photo:

Paterson Guaranteed Income Program Expands to Aid Residents, Inspiring Nationwide Initiatives

According to source, a guaranteed income program in Paterson, New Jersey, known as the Paterson guaranteed income program, is offering eligible participants the opportunity to receive $400 in monthly cash as part of the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income initiative. Originally initiated with 110 low-income families receiving support through the guaranteed income program until June 2022, this program has now expanded, thanks to a $15 million donation from former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Another 200 Paterson residents will be selected in the next round to participate in the guaranteed income program, receiving $400 per month for a year. To qualify, participants must meet certain criteria, including being a Paterson resident, at least 18 years old, and meeting specific income guidelines. Applications must be submitted by the October 30 deadline, and successful applicants will receive rechargeable debit cards through the income program.

The Paterson guaranteed income program is part of a broader trend, with several cities across the United States launching or planning similar guaranteed income programs. For instance, Worcester, Massachusetts, is allocating $250,000 to establish its own guaranteed income program, which will provide monthly payments ranging from $100 to $500 to low-income households for two years.

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Guaranteed Income Programs Gain Momentum Nationwide, Addressing Economic Challenges

In Alameda, California, a program called Rise Up Alameda has been initiated with a $4.6 million allocation, offering eligible residents $1,000 in monthly payments for two years to reduce economic instability. Meanwhile, Durham County, North Carolina is advancing its own guaranteed income program with 125 residents set to receive $750 in monthly installments and an additional $100 each month if they complete surveys. These income programs aim to provide essential financial support to those in need forming part of a larger effort to address economic challenges faced by individuals and households across the nation.

While the availability of guaranteed income programs like the one in Paterson offers valuable financial assistance to those who meet the criteria, it is important to recognize that more extensive efforts may be required to expand and sustain such initiatives, contributing to the resolution of ongoing economic challenges in various communities.

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