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National ANZ Bank Outage: ATMs, Online Banking, and Cards Affected

National ANZ Bank Outage. (Photo: RNZ)

ANZ Bank experienced a major national outage, with ATMs, branch services, internet banking, and credit and debit cards all affected. More than 8000 Aussies have reported ANZ Bank Outages within four hours on Friday afternoon.

National ANZ Bank Outage. (Photo: Delimiter)

ANZ Bank Outage Disrupts Customer Services

According to The US Sun, ANZ Bank experienced a significant outage, leaving many customers unable to access their online accounts and the mobile app. The ANZ Bank outage impacted credit and debit card usage and ATM withdrawals, causing financial challenges.

Customers expressed frustration, citing difficulties in essential payments like rent and payroll.  The ANZ Bank outage’s timing on a Friday afternoon exacerbated the situation, with limited immediate assistance. One affected customer shared her experience of being unable to complete a purchase despite having sufficient funds and found all ANZ systems down when seeking help at a branch.

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ANZ Bank Outage on Long Weekend Disrupts Customer Plans

According to Daily Mail, ANZ Bank outage hit customers just before a long weekend in Australia, causing widespread inconvenience. It disrupted financial transactions and added to people’s frustration as they prepared for the extended break.

Around midday on Friday, customers started reporting issues, with approximately 8,000 complaints recorded on DownDetector. Business owners faced challenges, having to inform employees of delayed payments due to the public holiday and ongoing ANZ Bank outage.

ANZ Bank pledged to resolve the problem promptly and apologized, highlighting the importance of contingency plans for digital banking services during critical times like long weekends and holidays.

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