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Home Depot Pays $72.5 Million To Settle California Wage Class Lawsuit

Employees ( Photo: Reedy Group )

If you’ve ever been tempted not to pay hourly workers who just stand around don’t let this latest home improvement arrangement put you off.


Employees ( Photo: )

Home Depot just settled a $72.5 million class action lawsuit in California that affected 272,000 employees

Employees who “just stand” must be paid. Half of the settlement was literally supposed to be paid by standby employees. They had to leave, but wait to be released from the building after their last shift. The interim settlement will be filed in federal court in San Francisco late Thursday, subject to a judge’s approval. Half of the severance pay minus legal fees and costs, will be paid to hourly workers who had to work late into the night and wait outside hours after closing.

Home Depot denied wrongdoing but chose to avoid the burden, cost, and uncertainty of litigation

The Atlanta-based retailer said Friday it was calm and happy to focus on serving its employees and customers. Lawyers for the plaintiffs plan to recover up to $24.2 million in attorney fees and up to $3.5 million in expenses which is one-third of the settlement money. Even if plaintiffs cannot argue in court they should consider what they want from their employees after hours. Paying people to wear aprons doesn’t get you into legal trouble.


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