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8 Shocking Truths About Louisiana’s Hidden Dangers: Expert Insights for Navigating the State’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods – A Comprehensive Safety Guide for Travelers and Locals

Discover the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods of Louisiana

A Tale of Two Louisianas: Navigating Crime and Culture in the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Louisiana is a culturally rich state on the Gulf of Mexico but it faces a growing crime issue with property crimes affecting 1 in 37 Americans and violent crimes impacting 1 in 147. According to Southwest Journal, crime rates are climbing particularly with over 820 murders and frequent assaults despite its diverse heritage and historic significance. However, not all cities are dangerous and careful planning can ensure safe visits to famous sites like Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo in the French Quarter or the Oak Alley Plantation where you can enjoy local delights like beignets and chicory coffee.

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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Louisiana


There are about 8,000 Americans living in Ponchatoula where it is a sizable rural parish north of New Orleans close to Hammond. It is well-known for the yearly Strawberry Festival and alligator tours. Property crimes vastly exceed violent crimes, according to FBI data. There is a 1 in 38 risk for residents to have their possessions stolen with 2,611 cases reported for every 100,000 Americans. At 4,540 per 100,000 violent crime is rather high yet there haven’t been any murders in recent years. The risk of sexual assault is higher than average for the state or country.


Gonzales is a place that borders Interstate 10 and is roughly 30 miles east of Baton Rouge. It is well-known for its high-end outlet malls. Approximately 12,600 Americans live in this expanding rural village making it one of the most dangerous places in Louisiana. With 517 recorded incidences per 100,000 violent crimes this is comparatively lower than the state average meaning that there is a 1 in 193 chance of becoming a victim. Property crime is significantly higher and mostly consists of shoplifting and small-time stealing with 6,768 crimes per 100,000. There is a 1 in 15 risk of property theft for locals.

New Orleans

One of the most dangerous cities in Louisiana and the US is New Orleans which has a population of 377,000. There is a 1 in 18 probability of becoming a victim of crime with a crime rate of 5,500 per 100,000 inhabitants. The murder rate has drawn attention but the Venetian Isles and SugarHill are two places where a large number of recorded offenses are concentrated. Tourists are to blame for an increase in small-time crimes in the French Quarter and Central Business District. More than 3,500 vehicle thefts were recorded last year. With 4,550 property crimes for every 100,000 Americans there is a 1 in 24 risk that personal belongings may be taken or vandalized.


Bogalusa is a timber town located north of Lake Pontchartrain near the Mississippi border and has a population of 10,569. Bogalusa remains one of Louisiana’s most dangerous cities despite the population decrease. The murder rate is high at 1,457 per 100,000 and residents face a 1 in 69 chance of falling victim to violent crimes including a notably high number of sexual assaults. Property crimes are also substantial with 3,737 incidents per 100,000. The city’s auto theft rate is higher than the national average at 1 in 264.


Bastrop is near the Arkansas border and it is a small town with roughly 9,500 residents. It has one of the highest crime rates in Louisiana and the country with a rate of 7,800 per 100,000 meaning a 1 in 13 chance of being victimized. Violent crime is lower at 1 in 73 but murder is the most commonly reported crime. Theft outnumbers other property crimes three to one which means residents have a 1 in 13 chance of losing their belongings. Most crimes occur in Newhlock or Bastrop South while the rural areas are slightly safer.


There are 4,946 Americans living in Marksville. It is a tiny community east of Alexandria. It ranks fifth in Louisiana and is among the most dangerous cities in the country. The likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime is 1 in 14 for locals. There are 1,467 violent events for every 100,000 Americans and there is a 1 in 63 likelihood of violent crime most frequently assaults. Property crimes are serious; there is a 1 in 18 probability of theft or 5,600 occurrences for every 100,000 Americans. Although it’s safer for cars here caution is still required.

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