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Minneapolis Crime Rate Study as of 2024

Minneapolis: A City with a Complex Crime Problem

According to Themovecrew, Minneapolis is a city in Minnesota. It’s a big city with many Americans. But, sadly, Minneapolis has a problem with crime. Crime is when someone does something bad, like stealing or hurting someone.

Why Minneapolis Has a High Crime Rate

The police keep track of all the crimes that happen in Minneapolis. They count how many crimes occur every year. Last year, there were many more crimes in Minneapolis than in most other cities. This means that Minneapolis has a high crime rate.

Safe Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

Some parts of Minneapolis are safer than others. There are neighborhoods where you’re less likely to get into trouble. These neighborhoods are called Linden Hills, Waite Park, and Kenny. These neighborhoods are considered safe because there are not many crimes happening there.

Minneapolis Crime Rate Study as of 2024 (PHOTO: Google)

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Dangerous Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

Other parts of Minneapolis are not as safe. These areas have more crime and are considered more dangerous. These areas are Hawthorne, Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, Ventura Village, and Folwell. If you live in these areas, you might want to take extra precautions to stay safe.

Working Towards a Safer Minneapolis

But even though crime is a problem in Minneapolis, there is hope for the future. The police are working hard to make the city safer. They are doing things like increasing their presence in some neighborhoods and working with the community to solve problems. With time and effort, Minneapolis can become a safer place for everyone.

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