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Worst Neighborhoods in Phoenix: Crime Concerns and Challenges Faced

Worst Neighborhoods in Phoenix: Crime Challenges and Safety Concerns

Safety Concerns in Phoenix’s Worst Neighborhoods: Crime Rates and Community Impact

According to Tuko News, in Phoenix known for its desert beauty and outdoor spirit there’s a contrasting concern over safety in certain neighborhoods. While the city thrives with diverse communities, Native American heritage and a lively arts scene areas like Maryvale and South Mountain face significant challenges. These neighborhoods struggle with higher crime rates experiencing more incidents of both violent and property crimes, prompting residents to be cautious. Despite efforts to enhance safety citywide challenges persist in balancing Phoenix’s vibrant culture with these crime-related issues.

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Worst Neighborhoods in Phoenix

Central City

In Phoenix, Arizona, Central City also known as Central Village is noted for being one of the city’s poorest and most crime-ridden areas. With a crime rate over 315% higher than the national average it remains a hotspot for break-ins, muggings and shootings. Despite some recent improvements the neighborhood continues to face significant safety challenges due to its long-standing history of criminal activity which is exacerbated by its high poverty levels.


Alhambra another neighborhood in Phoenix has garnered attention for its alarming crime statistics. Its crime rate is 180% above the national average marked by frequent incidents of theft, break-ins and assaults. Particularly concerning is the Central Village within Alhambra consistently ranked as one of Phoenix’s least safe areas. This neighborhood experiences a notable incidence of shootings and other criminal activities reflecting its unfortunate reputation.


Maryvale located in Phoenix is known for its persistent high crime rates primarily property crimes such as vandalism and theft. Despite efforts to enhance safety the area continues to grapple with the sound of gunshots indicating ongoing safety concerns. Initially designed to be a middle-class haven Maryvale has struggled to meet that vision with surrounding neighborhoods helping to bolster property values while crime remains a significant issue.

South Mountain

South Mountain a neighborhood in Phoenix has a history marked by safety concerns and a prominent gang culture. Residents here face a higher crime rate with a notable 1 in 22 chance of becoming victims of crime. Contributing to its challenges is a significant low-income population and factors like gang activity which contribute to South Mountain’s reputation as a neighborhood where caution is advised.

North Mountain

North Mountain known for its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities also grapples with high crime rates. The neighborhood sees a range of crimes including violent incidents and property crimes like theft and burglary. While parts of North Mountain are safer than others residents throughout the area face an increased risk of becoming victims of crime underscoring the need for vigilance when navigating the neighborhood.


Laveen located in Phoenix has gained notoriety for its elevated crime rates making it less desirable for those seeking a secure living environment. Reports highlight issues with property crimes such as theft and vandalism as well as occasional instances of violent crime. The neighborhood’s lack of amenities and community services further impact its safety profile contributing to its designation as an area to avoid.


Encanto experiencing an uptick in crime rates in recent years faces frequent incidents of property crimes like theft and burglary. With a safety grade of D indicating crime rates surpassing the national average Encanto ranks in the 22nd percentile for safety among neighborhoods. Residents are advised to take precautions against home robbery particularly if lacking a security system amidst ongoing concerns about safety in the area.

These neighborhoods in Phoenix continue to grapple with significant crime challenges despite various initiatives aimed at improving safety. As the city strives to address these issues residents and authorities alike face ongoing efforts to create safer environments for all residents emphasizing the complex interplay between community development, socioeconomic factors and public safety.

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