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Michigan’s Most Dangerous Cities: Rising Violent Crime Rates and Safety Concerns

Rising Violent Crime Rates and Challenges in Michigan’s Most Dangerous Cities

Michigan’s High Crime Cities and the Growing Public Safety Debate

According to PropertyClub, in Michigan concerns about safety are rising as new data reveals troubling trends. With a violent crime rate of 473 per 100,000 Americans which surpasses the national average by 24% the state faces significant challenges. Cities like Detroit and Flint are notorious with high rates of aggravated assault and murder exceeding national averages. Recent reports indicate a 13% increase in violent crime over the past decade painting a concerning picture of public safety across Michigan. As communities grapple with these issues efforts to address crime and ensure citizen safety remain critical priorities.

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Most Dangerous Cities in Michigan


Detroit, Michigan known for its once-thriving automotive industry has retained a less favorable reputation as one of America’s most dangerous cities. With a population of 635,000 Detroit reported a staggering crime rate of 6,389 incidents per 100,000 Americans in 2023 marking it as 170% more dangerous than the national average. The city recorded 252 murders, 1,392 robberies, and 11,096 assaults largely attributed to widespread gun violence and gang activity. Despite these challenges Detroit saw a glimmer of improvement with its lowest murder rate in over half a century in 2023 signaling gradual progress amidst ongoing safety concerns.

Benton Harbor 

Similar problems were present at Benton Harbor another troublesome city in Michigan with 8,892 citizens and a crime rate of 6,365 per 100,000 residents which was 169% more than the national average. In 2021 there was a notable 1 in 29 probability for Benton Harbor residents to become victims of violent crime which comprised 285 assaults, 11 robberies, and 2 murders. The city’s problems were made worse by economic struggles; a high percentage of poverty and little work prospects added to the city’s problems with crime.


The 75,834-person city of Kalamazoo reported a crime rate of 6,018 per 100,000 residents which was 164% more than the national average raising worries about public safety. There were 873 assaults, 137 robberies, and 14 murders in 2023 giving victims a 1 in 67 risk of falling victim to violent crime. Despite initiatives to improve community safety, Kalamazoo’s challenges with unemployment and poverty highlighted the complicated elements impacting its crime rates.

Muskegon Heights

Muskegon Heights a smaller city with a population of 10,730 faced disproportionately high crime rates compared to its size recording a crime rate of 5,390 incidents per 100,000 Americans in 2022. Residents here had a significant 1 in 19 chance of experiencing crime with burglary and property destruction incidents being particularly prevalent. These challenges highlighted the urgent need for targeted interventions to address underlying socioeconomic issues contributing to crime in Muskegon Heights.


Nestled in the heart of Calhoun County, Albion with its 7,700 citizens likewise struggled with higher-than-average rates of crime. In terms of overall crime the city reported 4,671 incidents per 100,000 population which is 105% more than the national average. The violent crime rate in Albion was much higher with a 1 in 22 likelihood of victimization for locals. Albion’s problems with crime despite its small-town charm highlighted continuous community safety concerns in the face of initiatives to promote economic stability and improve public safety measures.

Highland Park

Highland Park with a population of 10,978 continued to face challenges with its crime rate of 4,541 incidents per 100,000 Americans making it 94% more dangerous than the national average in 2022. The city reported six murders, 25 robberies, and 164 assaults reflecting its ongoing struggle with urban decay and the resultant impact on crime rates. Abandoned buildings and economic hardships exacerbated these challenges necessitating comprehensive strategies to address crime prevention and community revitalization efforts.


Jackson, home to 32,188 residents reported a crime rate of 4,179 per 100,000 Americans in 2021 marking it as 127% more dangerous than the state average. The city recorded seven murders, 33 robberies, and 277 assaults, alongside high rates of property crime. Residents faced a 1 in 31 chance of becoming victims of burglary, theft, or motor vehicle theft highlighting persistent concerns over public safety despite ongoing efforts to mitigate crime through community engagement and law enforcement initiatives

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