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Most Dangerous Cities In Rhode Island Revealed for 2024: Woonsocket & Providence Top the List!

Most Dangerous Cities In Rhode Island Revealed for 2024: Woonsocket & Providence Top the List!

In 2024, a study revealed the Most Dangerous Cities In Rhode Island, with Woonsocket and Providence emerging as the riskiest spots. Conducted by Saturday Night Science, the analysis delved into FBI crime data for over 35 cities in the state, scrutinizing both violent and property crime rates per capita. Woonsocket claimed the undesirable title of the most dangerous city, with Providence closely following suit.

Most Dangerous Cities In Rhode Island Revealed for 2024: Woonsocket & Providence Top the List!

Dangerous Cities In Rhode Island: Woonsocket, Providence, and Pawtucket – Crime Report 2024

Woonsocket, nestled in the northern part of Rhode Island, is renowned for its Autumnfest but grapples with high unemployment and crime due to a decline in manufacturing. With a population of 42,925, the city reported a concerning 193 violent crimes, equating to a per-capita rate of 449/100k, the highest in the state. Property crimes, particularly burglaries, also plague Woonsocket, ranking it third highest in Rhode Island.

Providence, the capital and the largest city in Rhode Island, is celebrated for its rich history but faces a darker reality as the second most dangerous city in 2024. Despite its population of 189,064, the city witnessed 643 violent crimes, including seven murders, along with a staggering 4,786 property crimes. Providence’s per-capita rates for both violent and property crimes ranked among the highest in the state.

Pawtucket, named after an Algonquian term meaning “river fall,” stands as the fourth most populous city in Rhode Island, housing 74,967 residents. However, this sizeable population contributes to a distinct crime problem, especially concerning property crimes. With 1,689 property crimes reported annually, Pawtucket ranked second highest in the state per capita, alongside 215 violent crimes.

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Central Falls, a small yet densely populated city, ranks fourth in danger due to its compact size. With just 22,340 residents squeezed into less than 1.3 square miles, Central Falls faces significant crime challenges, reporting 90 violent crimes and 266 property crimes annually. Despite its small population, the city’s per-capita rates for violent crimes rank second highest in Rhode Island.

These findings underscore the importance of understanding the safety landscape when making life decisions in Rhode Island, emphasizing the need for community efforts to address crime and enhance public safety measures.

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