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Discover The Worst Neighborhoods in Milwaukee

Worst Neighborhoods in Milwaukee. (Photo: Cappex)

Milwaukee’s neighborhoods encompass a wide range of stereotypes, from hipster enclaves and upscale areas to college-friendly districts and less affluent neighborhoods. While Milwaukee consistently earns recognition as an attractive place to live, thanks to its robust economy and abundant entertainment options, not all neighborhoods share the same level of appeal. This article shows a list of the worst neighborhood in Milwaukee. Out of the 179 neighborhoods examined, some fall short of Milwaukee’s overall reputation.

Here’s a list of the worst neighborhoods in Milwaukee;

Metcalfe Park: One of the Worst Neighborhoods in Milwaukee. (Photo: Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service)

First on the list, Metcalfe Park. It is situated northwest of downtown and it is a compact neighborhood with limited green space, featuring only two parks, including the namesake park and Butterfly Park in the southwest corner.

Metcalfe Park faces economic challenges, which contribute to its reputation as one of the worst neighborhoods in Milwaukee. The neighborhood grapples with a high unemployment rate of 12.8%, and the available job opportunities are generally low-paying. The median income in Metcalfe Park is $22,064, ranking it among the neighborhoods with the lowest incomes in the city. The neighborhood is home to a population of 2,673.

Halyard Park: One of the worst neighborhoods in Milwaukee. (Photo: MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL )

Next on the list is Halyard Park. It is located in Milwaukee’s north side, ranks as the third-worst neighborhood in Milwaukee for 2022. Its low ranking is primarily due to high unemployment at 11.9% and a median income of just $24,730. Despite economic challenges, the neighborhood has a strong sense of pride and historical significance, seen in landmarks like St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church and the America’s Black Holocaust Museum. Halyard Park, with a population of 616, faces economic difficulties, making it one of the worst neighborhoods in Milwaukee.

Frankline Heights: One of the worst neighborhoods in Milwaukee. (Photo:

Lastly, Franklin Heights, located within the borders of Capitol Drive, 20th Street, Burleigh Street, and 35th Street to Townsend Street and the railroad tracks, is among the worst neighborhoods in Milwaukee. It faces significant challenges, with approximately one-third of its population living below the poverty line, contributing to a high crime rate in the area.

In 2020, Franklin Heights reported a total of 10,803 crimes, encompassing murder, assault, rape, auto theft, burglary, and other property-related offenses. Property crimes slightly outnumbered violent crimes, with 4,976 violent crimes and 5,827 property crimes reported, all occurring within a community of 6,836 residents.

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