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BlendJet Recalls Nearly 5 Million Blenders Over Safety Concerns

Blendjet Recall
BlendJet Recalls Nearly 5 Million Blenders Over Safety Concerns (Photo: CBS News)

BlendJet Recalls Nearly 5 Million Blenders Over Safety Concerns (Photo: CBS News)

Portable blender maker, BlendJet, issues massive recall due to overheating and fire hazards

BlendJet Inc. has issued a recall for approximately 4.8 million portable BlendJet 2 blenders, which were sold at major retailers such as Costco, Target, and Walmart. The recall was prompted by reports of blades breaking off during use and incidents of the product overheating or catching fire, leading to numerous injuries and property damage. The company has taken swift action in response to 329 incidents of blade breakage and 17 reports of overheating or fires, resulting in approximately $150,000 in property damage claims.

In addition, BlendJet received 49 reports of minor burn injuries and one laceration injury linked to the recalled blenders. While no serious injuries or significant property damage have been reported, BlendJet decided to update the base of the BlendJet 2 with thicker blades and an improved electrical configuration as a precautionary measure.

Consumer Reports has also raised safety concerns about the recalled blenders, calling for the company to widely publicize the recall and offer refunds to consumers uncomfortable with receiving a replacement. The recalled blenders, which were sold in the U.S. and Canada from October 2020 to November 2023 for $50 to $75, are identifiable by specific serial numbers. Consumers are urged to stop using the blenders and contact BlendJet for a free base unit replacement. Those who purchased the recalled product will need to remove and cut up the base’s rubber seal and provide proof to the company.

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The recall encompasses approximately 4.8 million units in the U.S. and around 117,000 units in Canada. Customers are advised to check the serial numbers and take appropriate action to ensure their safety. BlendJet is taking proactive steps to address these safety concerns and prioritize consumer well-being.

This recall underlines the importance of product safety and highlights BlendJet’s commitment to ensuring the reliability and safety of its products for consumers.

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