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Brothers’ Murders Solved After 16 Years

Brothers’ Murders : Two Men Charged with Homicide

According to TrueCrimeNews, It’s been a long time – 16 years – since two brothers, Kevin and Shawn Vargas, were murdered in Taunton, Massachusetts. But now, two men, Steven Fordham and Kaylen Scott, are in jail and charged with killing them. The police worked hard to solve the case and finally caught the people who did it.

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Brothers’ Murders Solved After 16 Years (PHOTO: FB)

Tragic Consequences of a Marijuana Deal Gone Wrong: A Tale of Two Brothers’ Lives Cut Short

The brothers were involved in a deal for marijuana with the suspects, but it turned into a bad situation. The brothers were shot and killed. Kevin’s two little boys, who were 2 and 4 years old at the time, were in the apartment but didn’t get hurt. Shawn’s baby daughter was born after he died. The police did a good job solving the case and are grateful to the Vargas family for being patient all these years.

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