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4 Dead, 3 Injured in Birthday Party Massacre; Suspect Dies After Police Chase in Florence, Kentucky

4 Dead, 3 Injured: Suspect Dead After Police Chase

Birthday Party Massacre in Florence, KY

In a heartbreaking incident early Saturday morning, four Americans were killed and three others were injured during a shooting at a home in northern Kentucky. The suspect also died later after a police chase ended in a crash. The shooting happened during a birthday party massacre at a home in Florence. Police Chief Jeff Mallery said officers arrived at about 2:50 a.m. after hearing gunshots. They found seven Americans had been shot. According to the posted crime report in NTD, among the victims were the homeowner who was 44-year-old Melissa Parrett who hosted the party for her 21-year-old son. Three young Americans also lost their lives: Shane Miller, 20; Hayden Rybicki, 20; and Delaney Eary, 19. Three others were critically injured and taken to a hospital in Cincinnati. They are expected to survive. The suspect, Chase Garvey, 21, fled the scene in a car. The police pursued him until his vehicle went off the road and into a ditch. Garvey was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and later died in the hospital. Chief Mallery confirmed that Garvey acted alone and that there was no further threat to the public. It appears Garvey knew some Americans at the party but was not invited.

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4 Dead, 3 Injured in Birthday Party Massacre; Suspect Dies After Police Chase in Florence, Kentucky (PHOTO: WHASS11)

Kentucky Shooting Leaves Community in Mourning, Motive Under Investigation

The motive behind the birthday party massacre is still being investigated. Chief Mallery expressed deep sorrow for the victims and their families noting that this is the first mass shooting Florence has experienced. Leah Moore who is a neighbor had heard what she thought were firecrackers around 2 a.m. Later, she was awakened by police lights and saw crime scene tape and officers. Moore described Melissa Parrett and her family as “great, amazing people” and said Melissa was “the best person I’ve ever met.” The community is in shock and grief as a result of this terrible incident. The circumstances leading up to the birthday party massacre are still being looked into by the police. The emotional toll that this tragedy has placed on all parties involved especially the responding officers was acknowledged by Chief Mallery.

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