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7.7M+ Views! San Francisco’s Union Square Fake Street Signs Expose $950 Shoplifting Loophole: What’s Behind the Viral Debate?

Viral Street Signs Poke Fun at $950 Shoplifting Loophole for Misdemeanor Charges

Mysterious Street Signs in SF’s Union Square Neighborhood Spark Debate Over $950 Shoplifting Loophole

A series of fake street signs mocking California’s retail theft laws have recently caught the attention of millions on social media. The signs that appeared in front of luxury stores like Louis Vuitton and Dior in the city’s Union Square neighborhood have stated “Notice: Stolen goods must remain under $950.” This is a reference to a California law where stealing $950 or less in money or items from a business during open hours is considered a misdemeanor $950 shoplifting loophole rather than burglary. According to Patch, the signs first surfaced online on June 29 when an X user named t11s posted a photo of one of the signs in front of the Louis Vuitton store. The post was captioned “average SF street sign” and quickly went viral amassing 7.7 million views by Wednesday. The photo sparked widespread discussion and confusion with many wondering whether the signs were real or digitally altered. The user named t11s shared additional photos including another identical sign in front of a Dior store. One of these photos temporarily received a community note suggesting it had been digitally altered. However, t11s denied this claim stating “the stores or the city took them down now but they were very much real lol.”

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7.7M+ Views! San Francisco’s Union Square Fake Street Signs Expose $950 Shoplifting Loophole: What’s Behind the Viral Debate? (PHOTO: Yahoo)

SF’s Viral Street Sign Fiasco Sparks Debate on California‘s Shoplifting Laws

KRON received confirmation from San Francisco’s public works department that no local authority put the sign outside Louis Vuitton. The sign had already been taken down on June 30 when a city employee went to look into the $950 shoplifting loophole. Social media users are debating the impact and efficacy of California‘s retail theft laws in response to the occurrence. Many Americans voiced their displeasure with the existing legislation claiming that it incentivizes thefts that fall below the $950 shoplifting loophole. Others noted that the signs real or phony provocatively and humorously brought attention to a critical topic. Despite the signs being removed their brief appearance and the subsequent social media buzz have left a lasting impression. The viral nature of the post underscores the public’s concern and curiosity about the state’s retail theft policies and their consequences. The signs may be gone but the conversation they sparked continues. This unusual event highlights how a simple, albeit fake, street sign can capture widespread attention and provoke significant discussion about important local issues.

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