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$184,838.72 COVID-19 Relief Check Embezzlement: Florida Authorities Arrest Ashley Stibbins-Parker for $131,888.22 in Fraudulent Spending!

Allegations of Fraud and Misappropriation

Extravagant Spending and Legal Consequences

According to abc13 Eye Witness News, in a shocking case of alleged fraud and excessive spending Ashley Stibbins-Parker a resident of Philadelphia has found herself at the center of serious legal troubles in Florida. According to reports from WPLG and court documents Stibbins-Parker is accused of orchestrating a scheme involving the misappropriation of a COVID-19 relief check totaling $184,838.72. The check issued by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners under the federal CARES Act was intended for Weston City Hall in Florida but ended up deposited into a Bank of America account under the fictitious entity  City of Weston LLC  which Stibbins-Parker had allegedly set up in Georgia.

Investigators allege that Stibbins-Parker meticulously planned her fraudulent activities which included filing false paperwork and using Weston City Hall’s legal address to give credibility to her scheme. By the time authorities became aware of her actions she had reportedly spent substantial sums of money derived from the stolen funds. Her expenditures allegedly ranged from cashier’s checks and cash withdrawals to luxury shopping sprees plane trips and hotel stays. Notably she also purportedly used $6,250 from the fraudulent account to pay for a Brazilian butt lift at a plastic surgery center in Broward County. The total financial impact of these activities on Bank of America is estimated at $131,888.22.

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$184,838.72 COVID-19 Relief Check Embezzlement: Florida Authorities Arrest Ashley Stibbins-Parker for $131,888.22 in Fraudulent Spending! (PHOTO: Lipstick Alley)

Legal Proceedings and Continued Investigation

As a result of these allegations, Ashley Stibbins-Parker was apprehended in Maryland and subsequently extradited to Florida to face charges. She now stands accused of serious offenses including organized fraud money laundering and first-degree grand theft. While she remains in custody at Broward County jail with a bail set at $200,000 the investigation continues to unfold raising questions about how Stibbins-Parker obtained the relief check and whether others were involved in the fraudulent scheme. Legal proceedings are ongoing as authorities seek to unravel the complexities of this case and bring justice to those affected by her alleged actions.

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