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33-Year-Old Phoenix Woman Charged with Multiple Felonies After 3 Children Escape Abduction and Abuse

Phoenix Police Rescue 3 Minors from Alleged Abuse, 33-Year-Old Phoenix Woman Sarah Canez Charged with Child Endangerment

33-Year-Old Phoenix Woman Sarah Canez Faces Multiple Charges After 3 Children Escape and Reveal Graphic Details

According to True Crime News, a tragic case of alleged child abuse has shocked the community in Phoenix. A 33-year-old Phoenix woman named Sarah Canez is facing serious charges after three children escaped from the 33-year-old Phoenix woman’s apartment and recounted harrowing mistreatment. On June 17 three minors fled to a neighbor’s home on Indian School Road and are desperate for help. They claimed the 33-year-old Phoenix woman named Sarah Canez has had abused them and even threatened their lives. The scene was distressing and one 16-year-old girl was heard screaming for assistance. The neighbor promptly called the Phoenix Police who swiftly responded to the distressing call. Following their arrival police obtained a warrant to search Canez’s apartment. Inside they reportedly discovered alarming items: a firearm, zip ties, plastic bags, a knife, and other concerning objects. The children who were aged 16, 10, and 7 has showed visible signs of mistreatment including zip ties on their hands and visible injuries. They recounted terrifying moments when Canez allegedly placed plastic bags over their heads and made threats to harm them.

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33-Year-Old Phoenix Woman Charged with Multiple Felonies After 3 Children Escape Abduction and Abuse  (PHOTO: Voice of the Cape)

Tragic Case of Alleged Child Abuse Rocks Phoenix Community

One of the children appeared severely malnourished, barely able to walk and covered in bruises, according to witnesses. They shared heartbreaking details of neglect and abuse and revealed they had gone without food for days. Tragically the victims had lost their mother and were under Canez’s care when the abuse occurred. This disturbing case has led to Canez being charged with multiple serious offenses including abuse, kidnapping, aggravated assault and even sexual conduct with a minor. Recalling how the 16-year-old girl had bravely sought assistance after believing she had received her mother’s guidance in a dream neighbors expressed shock and sympathy. The youngsters are receiving support and aid from the community as they go through this difficult period. The focus of authorities investigating this heartbreaking case is still on the safety and well-being of the children involved as they start the process of healing from their traumatic experience.

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