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1.4 Million California Workers to Get Lifesaving Heat Protection: New Rules Kick In to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses and Deaths!

Worker with bottle of water helping colleague on city street. Suffering from heat stroke

California Approves New Indoor Heat Safety Rules Amid Rising Temperatures

Exclusion of State Prisons from Heat Protections Sparks Debate on Worker Safety

According to 4NBC Los Angeles, California has approved new rules to protect indoor workers from heat exposure due to rising global temperatures. These pending regulations will impact 1.4 million workers across 196,000 workplaces such as warehouses, schools, and kitchens. Employers will be required to cool work areas provide water allow breaks and create cooling-off spaces when temperatures reach 82°F (28°C) with stricter measures at 87°F (30.5°C) or higher. The rules address climate change and the absence of federal heat safety standards but exclude state prisons prompting concerns about equitable worker protections.

The approved regulations aim to build on California’s existing outdoor heat protection rules which were established in 2006. By introducing these indoor heat standards the state seeks to prevent a rise in heat-related illnesses injuries and deaths a problem becoming more acute with global warming. Public health advocates and labor organizations have welcomed the new rules emphasizing their necessity in safeguarding workers in increasingly hot indoor environments. Alice Berliner from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health underscored the urgency of these protections particularly as summer temperatures continue to break records. Workers like Colleen Koperek who suffered severe heat illness while working as a pastry chef illustrate the personal impact of inadequate heat safety measures reinforcing the need for comprehensive indoor cooling standards.

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1.4 Million California Workers to Get Lifesaving Heat Protection: New Rules Kick In to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses and Deaths! (PHOTO: Tau Beach Club)

Critics Challenge Exclusion of Prisons from California’s New Indoor Heat Protections

Despite broad support, the exclusion of correctional facilities from California’s new indoor heat rules has faced criticism. Advocates like AnaStacia Nicol Wright from Worksafe argue that correctional staff including officers and healthcare professionals remain at risk in poorly ventilated buildings. Critics also worry about the financial burden on small businesses especially those renting spaces with no control over temperatures. Despite these concerns Cal/OSHA board chair Joseph M. Alioto Jr. has urged swift approval of the rules to protect workers from rising heat-related health risks highlighting the need for immediate action to improve workplace safety as temperatures climb.

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