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500% Boost in Circulation: Marion County Record Rallies Support Amid Police Raid, Stands Strong for Press Freedom!

Kansas Newspaper’s Raid by Police Sparks National Outcry and Tragic Death

Marion County Record Raid Leads to Legal Battles, Surge in Public Support

According to Poynter, in August a police raid on the Marion County Record a newspaper in Marion, Kansas led by then-Police Chief Gideon Cody targeted both its office and the home of its publisher Eric Meyer seizing computers and phones. Cody accused the paper of identity theft linked to their investigation into a restaurateur’s driving records. The raid widely seen as a threat to press freedom had tragic consequences when Eric Meyer’s 98-year-old mother Joan Meyer died the next day likely due to stress from the incident underscoring its severe impact on the family and community.

Following the raid the local prosecutor canceled the search warrants saying there wasn’t enough evidence to support them. This led to more consequences including the suspension and resignation of Police Chief Cody. Eric Meyer, his late mother’s estate, and other employees filed several lawsuits against city officials claiming their rights to free press and protection from unreasonable searches were violated. Despite the legal challenges the Marion County Record received a wave of support, with its paid circulation increasing from around 2,000 to 5,500. This support reflected widespread public and journalistic opposition to what was seen as an abuse of power against the newspaper.

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500% Boost in Circulation: Marion County Record Rallies Support Amid Police Raid, Stands Strong for Press Freedom! (PHOTO: Freedom of the Press Foundation)

Steadfast Leadership: Eric Meyer Guides Marion County Record Through Challenges

Eric Meyer who had returned to his hometown to manage the family-owned newspaper after a distinguished career in journalism and academia continues to lead the Marion County Record through these turbulent times. He remains dedicated to his mission of providing robust investigative journalism and serving the community a resolve that has only been strengthened by the raid and its aftermath. Meyer’s commitment to maintaining journalistic integrity and fighting for press freedom has resonated with many, reinforcing the newspaper’s role as a vital community resource. Despite the challenges posed by legal disputes and the emotional toll of his mother’s death Meyer is determined to uphold the values of the Marion County Record ensuring it continues to serve as a pillar of truth and resilience in the face of adversity.

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