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Life Sentence for Marc Ward: Man Convicted of Killing Church Guard and Coast Guard Veteran

Life Sentence Issued – Marc Ward Convicted of Fatal Assault on Church Guard and Veteran

Details of Tragic Incident – Marc Ward’s Actions and Bourne’s Defense Unfold in Court

According to the article True Crime News, in a sad and serious case, Marc Ward has been given a life sentence for killing Daniel Bourne, a 61-year-old church security guard and former Coast Guard veteran. The judge’s decision came after Marc Ward was found guilty by a jury in March for the 2022 incident outside Calvary Church. Prosecutors explained that Marc Ward used his father’s truck to hit Bourne, who was checking on what he thought was a suspicious vehicle. Shockingly, Marc Ward hit Bourne twice, and Bourne fired his gun in defense, hitting the truck’s radiator and leaving a trail of fluid.

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Life Sentence for Marc Ward: Man Convicted of Killing Church Guard and Coast Guard Veteran (PHOTO: Yahoo)

Trial Video Reveals Emotional Moments After Tragic Incident Involving Marc Ward and Daniel Bourne

During the trial, jurors saw a video Bourne recorded just before he died. The video shows the moments after Bourne was hit by the truck, which was a very emotional and difficult scene for everyone involved. Despite Marc Ward’s lawyers saying the death was accidental, prosecutors argued that Marc Ward meant to do it because he accelerated and then turned around to hit Bourne again. Bourne had served in the military and was a retired Bernalillo County Fire Rescue Battalion commander. District Attorney Sam Bregman praised Bourne’s contributions as a husband and father. The sentencing gives some peace to Bourne’s family and the community, but it also shows how terrible violence can be.

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