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8-Month-Old Miya Rudd Missing: Parents and Grandparents Arrested in Kentucky

Parents and Grandparents Arrested on Drug and Neglect of Miya Rudd Charges

Kentucky Police Arrest Family Amid Drug Allegations After 8-Month-Old Miya Rudd Went Missing

According to True Crime News, in a troubling case from Kentucky the search for missing 8-month-old Miya Rudd has taken a grim turn. The infant girl Miya Rudd was last seen in April and her disappearance was reported by a concerned family member on June 6. Kentucky State Police have since arrested Miya Rudd’s parents Tesla Tucker and Cage Rudd along with her grandfather Ricky Smith and grandmother Billie Smith on serious charges related to drugs and child neglect. Miya’s parents have been known to social services for some time due to drug issues with authorities previously removing Miya Rudd’s siblings from their care. Born in October Miya tested positive for methamphetamine at birth prompting concerns from social services about her well-being. When officials planned to remove Miya from her parents’ custody they discovered the family had vanished. Investigators traced Tucker and Rudd to a nearby hotel where they found various drugs like meth and fentanyl. However Miya was not with them. The family claimed social services had taken Miya after her birth but officials found no record of this.

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8-Month-Old Miya Rudd Missing: Parents and Grandparents Arrested in Kentucky (PHOTO: True Crime News)

Police Deploy Cadaver Dogs in Search Effort of Kentucky Infant Miya Rudd

In a concerning development Kentucky State Police have intensified efforts to locate missing 8-month-old Miya Rudd by deploying cadaver dogs across wooded areas near her home including nearby cemeteries and churches. Despite extensive searches and the use of specialized equipment authorities have yet to uncover any trace of Miya whose disappearance was reported after concerned family members raised alarm on June 6. Miya’s parents Tesla Tucker and Cage Rudd along with her grandparents Ricky and Billie Smith have been taken into custody on serious charges related to drug offenses and child neglect. The family’s troubled history with social services stemming from previous interventions due to drug-related issues and concerns over Miya’s well-being since birth has further complicated the investigation. Trooper Corey King emphasized that while there is no evidence indicating Miya was abducted or sold there is also no confirmation of her current status. The situation has gripped the community with anxiety as law enforcement continues its relentless pursuit for any clues that could lead to Miya’s safe return.

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