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Tension Escalates as Mississippi’s Correction Officer Remains Missing

Latasha Crump Coleman
Missing Latasha Crump Coleman (Photo: NBC News)

A fight broke out in a Mississippi courthouse in Jackson between the families of missing corrections officer Latasha Crump Coleman and her divorced husband.

Brawl in Court

A brawl broke out in a Jackson courthouse in Mississippi


The search for Latasha Crump Coleman, a missing corrections officer from Mississippi, has become more problematic after a fight broke out at a Jackson courthouse. There was a fight between her family and the family of her estranged husband, Derrick Coleman. There were growing rumors that he had something to do with her disappearance. Fox News cameras caught the fight getting worse and worse, hurting a child and leading to the arrest of five adults on disorderly conduct charges.

AOL in their news article stated, Sheriff Tyree Jones said five adults were arrested on disorderly conduct charges in connection with the courthouse chaos. Jail records show at least two of them on the Crump side, including the missing officer’s 22-year-old son and her sister, who is also a prison guard, and at least one Coleman.

Latasha Crump Coleman, also known as Tasha, has been missing since July 19. Shocking new information about her loss is coming to light. Her family reported her missing when she didn’t show up to work and left her things behind and her dogs unfed. Allegations that her ex-husband, Derrick Coleman, abused her have drawn a troubling picture. A judge has called him a “present, extreme danger” to Latasha. Derrick Coleman has a protective order against her, but his actions, including breaking the no-contact order, have made people think he may have something to do with her missing.

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The case involving Derrick Coleman is making things even more complicated. He recently tried to appeal his conviction for breaking the no-contact order. The crackdown on him happened too late, but there are now more worries about foul play because Latasha is still going through her split and wants to stay away from Derrick. Her family suspects foul play and appeals for any information on her whereabouts. In Yahoo News, her brother said, “She was very fearful of her estranged husband, even had some domestic violence cases against him.”

The Jackson police are asking the public for information about Latasha Crump Coleman. If you know something, please call them at 601-960-1234.

Additionally, anyone who is suffering from domestic violence, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233 (SAFE).

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