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Drug Related Offenses Lead to Arrests of Bar Employee and Patron in Naugatuck

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Bar Employee and Patron Arrested in Naugatuck in Ongoing Narcotics Investigation

In Naugatuck, a bar employee and a patron were arrested on drug related offenses after a search warrant was executed at Sullivan’s Cafe. (Photo:

Multi-Agency Operation Targets Drug Offenses at Sullivan’s Cafe in Naugatuck

According to source, in Naugatuck a bar employee and a patron have been arrested on drug related offenses following the execution of a search warrant at Sullivan’s Cafe on Church Street. The employee, 47-year-old Craig Cordon and the patron, 51-year-old Jason Franklin, were taken into custody as part of a month-long investigation into narcotics sales and drug related offenses within the bar.

The police, supported by the DEA New Haven executed the arrests after receiving numerous reports of drug-related incidents at the establishment. During the arrests, law enforcement discovered additional drugs in the possession of Cordon and Franklin.

Both individuals were charged with various drug related offenses, including drug related offenses like the sale of narcotics near a prohibited place, possession of a controlled substance drug related offenses involving the sale of narcotics, and conspiracy to commit drug related offenses related to the sale of narcotics.

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Significant Bail and Joint Law Enforcement Efforts in Drug-Related Arrests

As a result of these charges, both Cordon and Franklin were held on bonds totaling $250,000, underscoring the severity of the accusations related to drug related offenses against them. The arrests highlight the collaborative efforts of the Naugatuck Police Department, particularly its detectives, and the DEA New Haven, which worked together to address the reported drug activity and drug related offenses in the bar.

This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to combat drug-related issues and uphold public safety in the community.

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