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Threats of Violence Against Cornell’s Jewish Community Spark FBI Investigation and Increased Security Measures

(Photo: apnews)

Antisemitic Threats Target Cornell University’s Jewish Community: Ongoing Investigations and Strong Response

The FBI and local law enforcement agencies are actively investigating disturbing antisemitic online threats made against Cornell University’s Jewish community, featuring explicit threats of violence and hatred. (Photo: apnews)

Strong Response and Enhanced Security Measures Against Antisemitic Threats

According to source, the FBI, alongside local law enforcement agencies, is actively investigating a series of deeply concerning antisemitic online threats targeting Cornell University’s Jewish community. These threats of violence were posted on the GreekRank online forum over the weekend, featuring explicit content depicting threats of violence and hatred directed towards Jewish individuals. Although these threatening posts have been removed, law enforcement authorities are unwavering in their commitment to bringing those responsible for these threats to justice. Cornell University President Martha Pollack unequivocally condemned the threats of violence, stressing the genuine and distressing impact of antisemitism on the entire Cornell community.

In response to these threats of violence, Governor Kathy Hochul visited the campus, where she convened with Jewish student leaders at the Center for Jewish Living and participated in a roundtable discussion focused on addressing these threats of violence. During her visit, the Governor delivered a resolute message that threats of violence and hatred, particularly antisemitism, would not be tolerated.

She emphasized the imperative need to ensure the safety and security of the campus community, further announcing an escalation of law enforcement presence on college campuses with an ongoing commitment to fortifying security measures.

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Community Calls for Heightened Security at Jewish Centers Following Online Threats

The Jewish Center at Cornell, notably 104West!, bore the brunt of these threats of violence made online, prompting heightened concerns regarding the security and safeguarding of Jewish community spaces on campus. Adelaine Davidoff, an Israeli refugee who had sought sanctuary in Ithaca, underscored the critical significance of intensified security measures for these spaces in response to the escalating levels of antisemitism in the United States. She expressed her hope that this situation would act as a wake-up call for the university to provide the essential security and protection required by its students.

Reacting to these threats, Cornell’s Student and Campus Life and Dean of Students Office are actively engaging in support and accommodation efforts for Jewish students affected by these threats of violence. Concurrently, the Cornell University Police Department has ramped up patrols and security measures to safeguard Jewish students and organizations on and off campus, given the threats.

The investigation into these threats remains ongoing, with the FBI, State Police, and Cornell University Police collaborating diligently to apprehend the individuals responsible for these threats of violence.

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