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Gunfight at Philadelphia International Airport Leads to the Death of One Officer

Gunfight at Philadelphia International Airport. (Photo: Yahoo)

One police officer died while the other was wounded after a gunfight at Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday.


Gunfight at Philadelphia International Airport. (Photo: Yahoo)

Gunfight at Philadelphia International Airport

A gunfight occurred at Philadelphia International Airport has led to the death of one police officer while another officer was wounded. It all started after the officers intervened when the suspects started to break in at the compound’s parking lot and one of them started shooting.

In a published article in FOX News, the two police officers witnessed the suspects who attempted to break into a vehicle at the airport parking lot. The suspects started to open fire when they knew that the officers would approach them.

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Philadelphia Police Commissioner Released a Statement

According to a published article in the Associated Press, Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Stanford said, “Anger, devastation and heartbreak are the emotions. One officer gave his life tonight and one is recovering. Please wrap your arms and prayers around their families and our department.”

He also added that they will continue to search for the suspects who were responsible for the shooting and killing. They also vowed not to stop until the suspects will be under their custody.

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