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4 Counts Of Murder Were Charged Against The Man In Idaho For Shooting His Neighbors, Including Two Teens

Idaho Murder
Idaho Murder ( Photo: People )

Prosecutors said the man had admitted the killings to police, telling them he had “snapped” and “lost” the dispute before declining further comment and asking for an attorney.

Idaho Murder

Idaho Murder ( Photo: The New York Times )

Sunday night’s arrest follows an escalating shooting in a small mining community in KELLOGG, Idaho (AP)

Majorjon Kaylor, 31, was arrested Sunday night shortly after a shooting incident He was charged with four counts of first-degree murder and burglary after he drove to a neighbor’s house and shot dead his entire family, including two teenagers. The family lived in the same apartment building as Kaylor. He has been held without bail and has not yet appealed. Few details about the shooting have been released and authorities have not said what Kaylor’s motives were.

Investigators have established a timeline and are continuing to work to figure out what led to the shooting

During Kaylor’s first court appearance, prosecutor Benjamin Allen said the crime was “relatively gruesome” and noted that one of the victims was a child. He also said Kaylor admitted to the murder when questioned by police. Allen told Judge Keisha Oxendine of Shoshone County Court during Tuesday’s hearing: Finally, a confession was made to the alleged offenses. The first trial was scheduled on July 3.


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