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Murder-Suicide Case: 16-Year-Old Girl Found the Deceased Bodies of Her Parents in Hyrum

Murder-Suicide ( Photo: Spectrum News )

Police are investigating a 16-year-old girl from Hyrum who found her parents shot dead in her home on Wednesday in an apparent suicide attempt.


Murder-Suicide ( Photo: Connecticut Post )

A wife and husband died in a murder-suicide in Utah this week, investigators have confirmed

According to a news release from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office, police were summoned to their flat in Hyrum, eight miles south of Logan, on Wednesday night and found the couple’s bodies. A 37-year-old woman was found in her bedroom and a 38-year-old man was found elsewhere in the house. Authorities said both were shot dead. Thursday afternoon they were identified as Heather and Dustin Preece. After meeting with the coroner and reviewing the evidence, the sheriff’s office concluded that it is believed that Dustin Preece shot his wife and then committed suicide as an apparent murder.

This violence shocked a small community, Law enforcement officials have not disclosed a motive

The sheriff’s office said the tragedy was particularly distressing for the Preece girl, and said county victim attorneys are working closely with her and her family to ensure she gets the services she needs. “She probably knows more about what’s going on in this house than we do.” “At this time, she is safe with the rest of her family,” said Cash County Sheriff Chad Jensen. Another neighbor agreed with this statement, stating that he had not seen any warnings or signs of impending violence. It was really quiet and really beautiful, everyone is friendly.


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