Your Lunch Break is damaging your Health, How to stop it? - South Arkansas Sun

Lunch Break can play a critical role in terms of healthy eating

Those of us who eat our lunch in a workplace canteen find it a lot more difficult to access the kind of information that leads to informed choices

The ideal nutritional intake of a manual worker will be quite different than for staff who just push pens or hammer keyboards for a living

The need for a personalised approach to providing information is clear, and the solution might lie in our pockets

People will happily interact with a well-designed bit of software where they wouldn’t hunt down the printed menu

That is why a pan-European partnership between industry and academia has developed the FoodSMART project

This project is developing a smart phone app, which uses detailed dish data uploaded by the caterer to provide you with personalised information

It can also make individual recommendations to help diners improve their health and well-being

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