Morning or Evening? Which time is suitable for exercise - South Arkansas Sun

Millions of Americans carve time out of their busy schedule to exercise daily

Most people are fairly regimented and protective of when they exercise. Choosing to exercise in the morning or evening is often a product of a work schedule

Previous studies that looked into the time-dependent effects of exercise were not consistent across the board with the results of this new study

The molecular profiles in mice showed a greater reliance on fat to fuel morning exercise and a greater reliance on glucose to fuel afternoon workouts

While some might argue we cannot extrapolate data on mice to humans, the cellular processes at molecular levels are similar

This brings us to one of the biggest myths of sleep and exercise; that working out too late in the evening or close to bedtime will lead to reduced sleep quality

This might generate a need to "burn off" stress for both men and women who prefer to do cardio-type workouts earlier in the morning

Levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, range higher for both men and women in the morning

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